Yes, You Still Need Ice Packs for Shipping In The Winter

When it comes to shipping perishable goods, some people think they can get away with being minimally prepared just because it is cold outside. While we think that it would be pretty cool to not have to use ice packs in the winter, it would simply be irresponsible for retailers to ship perishable goods without…read more

Packaging Solutions For Shipping Perishable Items

Are you a business that sells seafood to buyers in markets across the country? Are you a manufacturer of vaccines that need to make a shipment across the country? Or are you even just a stellar grandma that wants to send her lovely grandchildren some fresh baked goods and meals to their college dorm? Regardless…read more

Part One: What Is A Perishable Product That Might Be Shipped?

As a manufacturer of commercial ice packs you have undoubtedly heard us discussing perishable items in the past, and the importance of pairing them with ice packs for shipping. Perishable items account for a large portion of commercially shipped products, as manufacturing locations are usually isolated a great distance from their many intended markets. When…read more

What To Look For In A Commercial Ice Pack For Shipping

If you own a  business that deals with the shipping of perishable products on a day-to-day basis, you likely have been shopping around the market for a wholesale ice pack that is tough enough to get the job done — after all, your business only makes money when your perishable product makes it to its…read more

Why Your Your Company Should Use Herolily Wholesale Ice Packs For Shipping

For years there has been a debate about whether or not buying items (of any kind) in bulk is the right move for a business. There are plenty of people that suggest buying items in bulk is a misleading purchase, as people think they will save and then end up getting scammed — but on…read more