What To Look For In A Commercial Ice Pack For Shipping

If you own a  business that deals with the shipping of perishable products on a day-to-day basis, you likely have been shopping around the market for a wholesale ice pack that is tough enough to get the job done — after all, your business only makes money when your perishable product makes it to its destination without spoiling. But how do you know if you have found the correct commercial ice pack for your business?

As a provider of wholesale ice packs, we know a thing or two at Herolily. In fact, we have refined our product through various iterations of research and development to create the ideal wholesale ice pack for shipping. Sure, it is a biased claim, but we fully believe it. In today’s blog post, we are going to break down the Herolily cold pack for shipping as an example of what to look for in an effective freezer pack.

Its What Is On The Inside That Counts

When you are shipping perishable foods it is incredibly important to use an ice pack that has the correct balance of compounds inside of the packaging. A large portion of bulk ice packs that can be found on the market are made with a 50-50 water to “proprietary” gel blend, meaning that not only will they melt faster, but once they melt they can also be a biological hazard as bacteria like to grow in water.

Herolily ice packs are made with compounds that remain in a gel state when melted, meaning that they will melt slower, and will not become a biological hazard to your perishable products.

Surface Area Matters

Arguably one of the most common ice packs that you will find online are the classic large brick-shaped ice packs. While we cannot blame ice pack manufactures from the past, for they did not know their mistakes, we can tell why that is not the most effective ice pack — It has a small surface area. Herolily ice packs, on the other hand, are built in a sheet of multiple cold cell chambers, meaning that more of the ice pack is in contact with the surface of your perishables. More surface contact with your perishable product ensures that the wholesale frozen ice packs will keep the products cooler, for longer.

Versatility Is Key

Are the ice packs for food or other perishables that you have all the same shape and size? If so, they might work for a trip down to the beach and all, but when you are shipping products you need a versatile ice pack that can conform to products of different shapes. Herolily cold packs for shipping are manufactured in sheets — sheets that can easily be cut to fit different items, that is. If you have products that have multiple angles that need to be covered, Herolily is your solution.

Order Your Wholesale Ice Packs for Shipping Today

If you own a business that needs perishable items shipped across the country, rest easy knowing that Herolily wholesale ice packs for shipping can make sure that they arrive at their destination fresh. Our commercial ice packs were specially designed for you and can be altered to fit the needs of any shipping project that you have. So what are you waiting for? The safe shipping of your perishables is just a click away.  

To view our wholesale ice packs for shipping, click here. Have any questions? Be sure to contact us and ask!