The Perfect Temperature For Your Favorite Drinks

Have you ever noticed that people tend to enjoy drinks at different temperatures? For some, their morning cup of Joe needs to be piping hot. For others, however, a coffee that has had some time to cool is ideal. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of cold ice packs, our favorite kind of coffee is iced…read more

10 Perishable Foods That Spoil Quickly

Generally speaking, most people have an idea of what foods are perishable and what foods are not. Perishable foods are usually found in refrigerated or frozen sections of the store, while food that is packaged in a sealed can, bag, or container that was not in a refrigerated case is going to be a non-perishable…read more

4 Homemade Ice Pack Recipes

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed an Ice pack? More often than not, when you do need one you can’t find any in your freezer — a telltale sign that you need to make a trip to the store and re-stock the freezer. All of that being said, sometimes you…read more