Yes, You Still Need Ice Packs for Shipping In The Winter

When it comes to shipping perishable goods, some people think they can get away with being minimally prepared just because it is cold outside. While we think that it would be pretty cool to not have to use ice packs in the winter, it would simply be irresponsible for retailers to ship perishable goods without some form of refrigeration — and we haven’t forgotten about you either Granny! You need ice packs for shipping too! While in the past we have used this blog to talk about things that are commonly shipped, we thought we would switch it up and provide you with a few fun holiday shipping ideas that can be made possible by our ice packs for shipping.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few fun gift items that can be shipped using our wholesale ice packs for shipping.

A Nice Meal

So let’s say that you have lived in Maryland for years while all of your family is back home in the land-locked state of Iowa. You have likely grown accustomed to the fact that all of the seafood that you eat is fresh rather than being taken out of the freezer at a Hy-Vee grocery store like your family back home. So maybe it would be nice to send them some fresh crab cakes in an insulated container with our cold packs for shipping. Who knows, they might even feel compelled to send you a hearty meal back.

Of course what we are talking about is a big ol’ slab of beef — locally sourced from Iowa, of course. Heck, they could even re-use the Herolily shipping ice packs to send you a meal in return! Now, we aren’t saying that you have to send a meal. In fact, the thing you send doesn’t even have to have a functional use at all — instead, it could be more nostalgic.

A Snowball

Millions of kids all over the world are unfortunate enough to have never seen snow in their life. In fact, they have probably only heard of the “mythical” and meltable toy known as a snowball. If you have a young family member that lived in a warm city like Santa Fe, Phoenix, Austin, or Atlanta, consider sending them a snowball as a holiday gift.

If packaged properly, a snowball could easily make a journey across the United States — and while sending snowballs across the country is not the intended use for our shipping ice packs, we fully condone, and support, your endeavor to do so.

If It’s Cold, Ship It With Herolily

There are plenty of perishable items that can be shipped using the cooling power of Herolily ice packs for shipping, and today we only named a few. Regardless of the perishable item that you choose to ship, it is imperative that it is done safely — and like we said earlier, that goes for anyone grown Grandma to corporations!

Shop our selection of ice packs for shipping today so that you can pack up, and send off, your holiday goodies tomorrow!