Part One: What Is A Perishable Product That Might Be Shipped?

As a manufacturer of commercial ice packs you have undoubtedly heard us discussing perishable items in the past, and the importance of pairing them with ice packs for shipping. Perishable items account for a large portion of commercially shipped products, as manufacturing locations are usually isolated a great distance from their many intended markets.

When a perishable item is shipped, it is extremely important that it reaches its destination without spoiling. If a product does not make it to its intended location in the quality that it was promised, the manufacturer loses money — something that nobody can afford to do. As a manufacturer of commercial ice packs that allow for perishable product manufacturers to ship their products safely, we saw it fit to briefly define what a perishable product is, as well as the various different kinds of perishable products for our audience that may not know.

What Is A Perishable Product?

The word perishable is defined by as something that is “liable to perish” or “liable to spoil or decay”. Obviously, as the prior is in reference to life while the latter refers to a product or food going bad — but both are one in the same.  A perishable is often thought of as a food, but in reality, there are many other products that are shipped besides food that is perishable, or at risk of going bad if they are not held to at the proper temperature. Below, we will briefly discuss a few of the perishable products that might benefit from the use of our wholesale ice packs for shipping.


Foods are the most common commodities that are classified as perishable due to its dependence on remaining cool to maintain its freshness. Food products like dairy and eggs, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and even pre-cooked leftovers can all be susceptible to perishing during travel if they are not correctly packaged in an insulated container with shipping ice packs. If foods are not ket below a certain temperature, they become susceptible to the growth of bacteria, as well as withering. By utilizing commercial ice packs and insulated containers, the food is less likely to perish during the shipment.

Prescriptions & Vaccines

While most people only think of food as a perishable when it comes to shipping commodities, it is just as important to properly ship prescription medications and vaccines safely as it is to do so with foods. Due to the compounds within certain medications and vaccines, they must be kept cold to keep the active ingredient “alive” or functioning. By utilizing commercial ice packs and an insulated storage container, it is more likely that your shipment will reach its destination without spoiling.

Products Perish, But Wholesale Ice Packs From Shipping Can Help

As a commercial ice pack company, we understand the importance of getting your perishable product from point A to Point B without it spoiling — after all, your livelihood depends on it. Something that we also know is that our product can help you decrease the likelihood that your products perish, securing your bottom line.

We hope that you join us in part two of this blog serious about perishable food items. If you have any questions about our wholesale ice packs for shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.