Why Your Your Company Should Use Herolily Wholesale Ice Packs For Shipping

For years there has been a debate about whether or not buying items (of any kind) in bulk is the right move for a business. There are plenty of people that suggest buying items in bulk is a misleading purchase, as people think they will save and then end up getting scammed — but on the other hand, there are also plenty of people that believe buying in bulk can save a business a fortune. In reality, the difference between saving money and losing money when you buy in bulk is completely dependant on the product that you are buying.

For example. Say that you are a clothing distributor that orders a shipment of 100,000 units of a certain style of jeans. At the time you might be thinking “Wow, this is a great deal!” when in reality, you just dug yourself a hole. The jeans could go out of style long before you sell your inventory. Wholesale ice packs for shipping, on the other hand… Those will never go out of style.

You may think that it is a little odd that we just compared our shipping ice packs to jeans, but believe it or not, we were trying to illustrate a point. Some products will lose demand while others will always be needed. As long as there are perishable items (and there always will be), Herolily wholesale ice packs will be a valuable tool.  

In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few reasons why we think that bulk ice packs are a valuable investment for your perishable shipping company.

Ice Packs Aren’t Perishable — They Save Perishables

One of the largest financial benefits that you will receive from ordering Herolily wholesale ice packs is that they have an incredibly long shelf life. While it might seem odd to buy more product than you need at the time of the order, it will save you money in the long run. If your business specializes in selling perishable products, you know that there will be a steady stream of shipments — meaning you will need a steady stream of industrial ice packs. By ordering Herolily frozen ice packs wholesale, you can limit the number of orders that you have to make — keeping the money in your pocket where it belongs.

You Will Get A Lower Price Per Unit

As you likely already know, the entire point of buying any product wholesale is to lower the price per unit by making it worthwhile for the company. When you order more of a product, a company is more likely to lower the markup of the product because of the amount of product that you ordered. At Herolily we do just exactly that. The more shipping ice packs that you purchase, the lower that the price will be. And paired with the shelf life of our product that mentioned above, that is one great deal for your business.

Order Your Wholesale Ice Packs For Shipping Today

If your business deals with the frequent shipping of perishable products we strongly suggest that you look into purchasing commercial ice packs in bulk. If you are interested in making an order of Herolily cold packs for shipping, we urge you to consult our product listing for pricing information or contact us.

Let us help your perishables stay colder, for longer.