Herolily Ice Packs Presents Things That Only Happen When It’s Cold Out

At Herolily, we make ice packs for shipping that keep perishable things cool during transportation from point A to point B. Because of this, we are pretty familiar with the cold — but there are plenty of things about the cold that you might surprise you.

In today’s blog post, we will be talking about a few interesting things that only happen when the weather is cold outside!

Frost Quakes

Almost everyone has heard of an earthquake, but few have heard of frost quakes. Frost quakes, commonly known as cryoseisms in scientific communities, are caused by extreme drops in temperature that occur in a short amount of time. Commonly found in the northernmost part of continents in areas like Northern Canada, and even in rare cases even the midwest United States, frost quakes are caused by rapidly-cooling water in the ground — often creating audible booms.

Square Tires

Square tires? Don’t you think that you might have heard of those at some point if they were really real? Well, unless you live in a cold and snowy area you wouldn’t have a reason to know about them! In areas of the world where large amounts of snow build up, it is not uncommon for tires to lose air pressure as a result of the cold temperature. Once this happens, the tire slightly flattens, becoming oblong as the tire rotates and the car moves. Because the tire loses shape, it can make for a bumpy ride — almost as if you had square tires (hence the name).

Drinks Become Slushies

In cold weather people usually have issues with their beverages turning to solid ice — leaving them parched. While most liquids will freeze solid, alcohol and sodas will instead turn to a slushy mixture because of their inability to freeze completely. Now, if any liquid gets too cold it will eventually become solid and freeze, but if it is that cold you do not want to be around anyway!

Frogs Freeze Solid

While this might sound shocking, it is true — a breed of frog known as the Wood Frog can freeze itself for long periods of time. As a coldblooded animal, the Wood Frog is already familiar with cold temperatures, but unlike other animals, they can hibernate in a dormant state while their entire body freezes solid. In fact, the only part of the frog that doesn’t freeze is the frog’s blood, as their liver breaks down glycogen and creates an antifreeze of sorts that allows the frog to wake up when warmer temperatures arrive.

Herolily Ice Packs — Bringing The Cold To You

While you might not live in an area cold enough to witness some of the phenomena that we discussed above, you can still bring the cold to you! Herolily ice packs for shipping are specially designed to keep your cooler or transportation materials as cold as the Arctic.

When shipping perishable items it is extremely important to keep them within safe temperature ranges — and our product is designed just for that purpose. Try them for yourself today. If you have any questions about our cold packs we urge you to contact us today!