Preparing For Summer — How To Pack The Cooler

Summer is swiftly approaching, and you know what that means — items like sunscreen, beach towels, and coolers are being unearthed from the depths of the basement in preparation for warm weather and days on the beach.

Packing for a day trip in the summer is relatively easy, but if there is one thing that people always do wrong it is packing the cooler. As a manufacturer of reusable ice packs, we have a vested interest in coolers, insulated boxes, and any other products that rely on our reusable freezer packs.  Because of this, we thought it might be fun to finally make it known what the proper way to pack the cooler is.


Before you start aimlessly throwing items into your cooler, we urge you to wipe it out with a wet wipe or some other form of disinfectant. Sure, you might be excited to get packed and out on the road, but if you are going to be putting perishable foods that you eat and drink in the cooler, it might be wise to make sure it is clean.

Once you have done so, take two frozen Herolily reusable ice pack sheets and place them on the bottom of the cooler. Now shut the cooler.

You might think “Wait, I am about to pack it. Why would I want to shut the cooler?” While that is a good question, the answer is no, you are not about to pack the cooler — you are instead going to let the cooler lower its temperature before you put your food in.

Pack It

Once the cooler has been cooled off by the Herolily reusable ice packs, it is time to begin packing — being that you now know your perishable food and drinks are safe. In the past, you might have thought to put the sealed items at the bottom so that they don’t get wet from melting ice packs or ice cubes, but with Herolily ice packs you do not have to worry about that. Herolily ice packs are built with a proprietary solution that does not create excess amounts of moisture like ice packs for the past.

Rather than packing your cooler based on what items are waterproof or not, consider packing in the order of what you intend on taking out of it. Throw drinks on one side and food on the other in layers based on when you intend on consuming them. Eating the sandwich last? Then pack it on the bottom!

Hit The Road

Once your cooler is packed, it is time to hit the road and set out on your adventure knowing that no matter what, your perishable food and drink will be okay! Once you get to your destination start unpacking the cooler. When you get to the bottom, remove the Herolily ice packs and reward all your hard work by cooling off yourself.

Do you not have any Herolily reusable ice packs yet? Check out our online store today to get yourself the best ice packs on the market. After all, they are intended to be used as ice packs for shipping — so you know that they are durable.