5 Interesting Ways That Mammals Keep Cool

As a manufacturer and seller of reusable freezer packs and ice packs for shipping, we are incredibly interested in the idea of “keeping cool.” In fact, we are interested in more than just how our ice packs can keep perishable items cool during the shipping process or how they can keep an entire cooler as cold as the arctic for during a long day at the beach.

Our cold ice packs are specially designed to keep perishable items cold, and while our ice packs are impressively efficient, they are not the most impressive thing that keep things cool — because some mammals can keep themselves cool. And we think that is pretty neat.

In today’s blog we will be taking a step into the animal kingdom to discuss 5 cool ways that mammals keep themselves cool!


Giraffes live in extremely hot and dry conditions, meaning that for them, staying cool is life or death. In fact, giraffes have evolved and adapted over thousands of years to do just that! Giraffes have incredibly beautiful spots, but it is a little known fact that the pattern on their backs has a functional purpose — to keep from overheating. Because their dark spots attract heat, the giraffe can direct warm blood to the cooler, outside, parts of their spots. How neat is that?


While not all animals have the physiological adaptation to cool off and beat the heat, there are no shortage of animals that know how to stay cool on a hot day! One of those animals is the koala. Known for sleeping and eating all day, the koala is actually a rather smart animal. Koalas are known to seek out trees that have bark that is cooler than the air temperature so that they can cool off as they nap. Now that is multitasking!


Dogs are extremely efficient animals when it comes to cooling themselves off. Have you ever taken your dog out on a warm day? You probably noticed that they were panting. When a dog pants it is simply expelling large amounts of warm air from its body and inhaling cooler air.


Hippos may be one of the most efficient mammals when it comes to beating the heat. Hippos are known for swimming and rolling in mud, but it is little known that by doing so they are simply trying to cool off a bit. In fact, next time you are at the pool we urge you to jump in and see how it works for you.


Humans, unlike other mammals have many different ways to cool off. We can go inside and soak in the AC, we can go to the pool to take a swim, we can catch a breeze driving with the car down, and we can even drink something cold and refreshing. But what keeps things cold and refreshing? You guessed it — reusable freezer packs from Herolily Ice Products.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Herolily flat ice packs today so that you can cool off tomorrow.