Four Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer, From Your Cold Ice Pack Provider

With winter ending, and spring taking its course, that means summer is right around the corner. Summer is great because you can finally shed the parka and long sleeve shirts that you have swaddled yourself with all winter and trade them in for a tank top or swimsuit.  

While the warm summer sun can feel nice on your skin, it can make your home extremely uncomfortable. Normally, the first instinct is to blast the air conditioning, a method of home cooling that in the end can become quite pricey. But don’t fret, because your cold ice pack company Herolily has a few tips for you to keep your home cool this summer without the A/C.

Close Your Blinds

One of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to keep a house cool in the summertime is to keep the blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day. In doing so, you can reduce the average temperature of your home by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Not cold enough for you? Try blackout shades for maximum efficiency.

Strategically Shut Doors

Air constantly circulates through homes, even if you can’t tell. In order to keep your home cool all summer long, be sure to shut doors to the rooms in your home that are not commonly used. In doing so, there will be a smaller area for the cold air to collect in your house, rather than being wasted on, well… wasted space.

Change The Direction Of Your Ceiling Fan

In the winter, it is smart to run your ceiling fan clockwise so that it may circulate the warm air in the room, but in the summer, it is time to run it counter clockwise. Running a fan counterclockwise on high will blow cool air directly down, feeling like a cool summer evening breeze.

Hack A Box Fan

Here at Herolily, we would be lying if we said that this next home cooling tip isn’t our favorite because it involves reusable freezer packs. One of the most interesting ways to cool down your home in the summer is to fill a large bowl with multiple cold ice packs, and then to place the bowl on a table in front of a box fan. In doing so, the fan will blow warm air over the cold ice packs, cooling the air as it moves towards the rest of the room.

The key to effectively using this method is using reusable freezer packs instead of disposable ones. By keeping some in the freezer while the rest are in the bowl, you can constantly swap out the reusable freezer packs in the bowl with the cold ice packs in the freezer. Repeat this process as often as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Keep Your Home And Your Perishables Cool With Herolily

Here at Herolily, we like keeping things cool, and that why today we have provided you with four quick tips to keep your home as cold as the best ice packs this summer. Whether it is keeping your home cool, shipping perishables, or keeping the cooler frosty for a day at the beach, the Herolily reusable freezer pack is the perfect tool for you.

To view the best ice packs available, check out our inventory today! And as always, be sure to contact us for any questions that you may have about our flat ice packs.