Why You Should Use Our Commercial Ice Packs

You may be aware of our signature product, FreeZwrap, which includes ice packs for personal use. These reusable, flexible freezer sheets keep your food and drinks cold without leaking. Some ice packs are extremely messy when they leak, leaving water everywhere. FreeZwraps keep your food cold for up to eight hours and can be used to ice injuries.

However, Herolily makes more than just food ice packs for personal use. We also manufacture commercial and wholesale shipping ice packs for industries transporting perishables.

How Do These Industrial Ice Packs Work?

Using the latest technology, we’ve combined a highly absorbed polymer with polyacrylate copolymer, which crosslink to absorb several times their own water weight.

Are They Disposable or Reusable?

Although our cold packs for shipping can be used several times, the surface will grow dirty after a few uses. Once the surface is dirty, it’s no longer considered hygienic. You need to replace your ice packs after a certain amount of time in order to follow international shipping regulations.

Can Herolily Be Used Instead of Dry Ice?

Depending upon the situation, you can use our industrial ice packs instead of dry ice in some cases. For more information, contact Herolily today.

Who Can Use Our Wholesale Ice Packs?

Any industry that ships perishables benefits could use our ice packs. Perishables are any items that deteriorate over time when exposed to different environmental conditions, such as heat or humidity. Perishables include food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.


Why Your Business Benefits From Herolily Ice Packs

Less Mess

Shipping with ice creates a soggy mess, which could damage your products. Herolily stays cold for longer periods of time than traditional ice packs, and even when they start to warm, the material won’t transform into water.

FDA Certified

Our reusable ice packs are FDA certified as nontoxic and have passed the ISO 90002 international quality system. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself or your customers to toxic ingredients.


When you open a box of our ice packs, you’ll be amazed at how lightweight and paper-thin they are. This means you’ll spend less money on shipping costs, which is always a plus.

Better Than Traditional Gel Ice Packs

Most traditional gel ice packs simply do not freeze to temperatures as cold as our commercial ice packs. When you use Herolily ice packs, your products stay colder, longer.

Medical Supplies

Certain medical supplies such as vaccines, medications and human organs are considered perishable. If your products spoil during the shipping process, someone’s life could be on the line. Because Herolily wholesale ice packs stay colder longer, you can rest easy knowing that your products will stay fresh for the patients who need them.

Food and Beverages

Most foods are considered perishable, which includes meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and some dairy products. Keep your food fresh with by using our ice packs.

Are you ready to try our commercial ice packs? Shop our selection of Herolily ice packs today to experience the benefits for yourself. Contact Herolily today if you have any questions.