Herolily 4 PLY

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Reusable Ice Packs

You can reuse these shipping ice packs hundreds of times!

  • Stays Colder and lasts longer than other ice packs
  • Works as an effective ice replacement product
  • Certificated as non-toxic by the FDA
  • Keeps a cooler cold for DAYS! (when properly frozen)


Utilized as both heat packs and cold ice packs, the Hero Lily 4 Ply 24 Cube Packs can be cut into smaller sizes. Our freezable ice packs utilize a revolutionary polymer technology that is effective enough to freeze these products to temperatures as cold as  -190 degrees Celsius, which is twice as cold as dry ice. In comparison to dry ice, our shipping ice packs are approved by the FDA and certified as non-toxic. Mainly used for the one-way transportation of perishables including food, vaccines, pathology samples, and more, these cost-effective commercial ice packs will not leak like traditional ice packs. If you adjust the freezer is adjusted to its maximum setting, these food ice packs can be frozen between -18 degrees Celsius and -21 degrees Celsius.   

Herolily instructions:

  • Hydrate your ice pack by submerging it underwater for 10 to 15 minutes. Keeping the ice packs fully submerged under water activates the polymer by hydrating the cells.
  • While fully immersed in warm water, scrunch the sheets between your hands until all the air bubbles have escaped and the cells have begun hydrating.
  • Once this is done, your ice packs are ready to use. Your Herolily ice sheets should start frozen and a gradual cold transfer will take place, which slowly transfers the cold energy from the ice packs into the perishables. You will note that the Herolily Ice cells still retain significant chill factor even in its softened state.

2 reviews for Herolily 4 PLY

  1. studiorui

    I have had Techni-ice in the past and it is a wonderful product. It is clean, there are no possibilities for leakage, they freeze quickly and keep food cold for days in my cooler. I often have frozen food at the bottom of my cooler after 2 or 3 days using Techni-ice. I recommend these highly to anyone that camps, hunts, fishes or tailgates. I loved them so much, I recently purchased an additional 12 sheets. It is a fantastic product.

  2. studiorui

    The Techni ICE HDR is labeled made in Australia. HDR stands for Heavy Duty Reusable. New sheet is 11″ x 15″. Unused sheets are about the thickness of card stock paper. Hydrated and frozen sheet is 9″ x 13″ x 1.25″ which is a perfect fit in the Polar Bear 12 can cooler. Wife cut one sheet into double cube size to easily surround lunch in smaller soft wide lunch box. So far, the frozen sheet in my Polar Bear cooler is just getting slushy when I get home in the evening. Easy to handle sheet takes up little room in the freezer. Techni Ice is everything I was hoping for.

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