Shipping Gel Packs Versus Ice

It is a little silly, but people tend to either use gel ice packs or ice, often times never owning both. But if some people like using ice, why are ice packs for shipping always made of gel? Well, to put it simply. Gel ice packs are better and more efficient than ice.

Yes, we might seem impartial when we say that we think gel ice packs are better, but we have the facts to back it up. Today, your provider of freezable cold packs, Herolily will be discussing why gel ice packs are the better way to keep perishables cool when it comes to shipping.

Do The Work Differently?

While gel ice packs are proven to be a more efficient method of keeping perishables cool, they work exactly the same as ice does. In both cases, the energy is stored and released into the water particles, because believe it or not — gel ice packs do contain water.

Gel ice packs are made by mixing chemicals with water, creating a viscous gel that holds its energy longer than that of conventional ice. Gel ice packs usually contain (we will be a little ambiguous to protect our recipe) chemicals like ammonium nitrate, urea, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium polyacrylate, ammonium chloride, silica gel, and diethyl glycol.

The chemical mixture, as well as the small amount of water in gel ice packs, freeze the silica gel in whatever form it was resting when frozen — unless you have a Herolily ice pack, that is. Our Herolily ice packs feature small compartments through the sheet, allowing for the perfect freeze every time.

Why Do Gel Ice Packs Last Longer Than Conventional Ice?

There are a few reasons why freezable ice packs stay colder longer than traditional ice packs. The first reason is the chemicals that are used to create them. The chemicals that are used in gel ice packs are more efficient in maintaining their chilly temperatures than ice due to their higher freezing point and increased density.

While the chemical mixture of gel packs is one of the reasons that it has the ability to stay colder than ice for longer, the surface area is the real reason why gel packs are more efficient. Conventional ice is usually made in many small cubes, making its total surface area alarmingly large. Gel packs, on the other hand, have a smaller surface area.

The reasoning behind surface area importance is that the surface of the ice cube, or cold pack, is the part that throws first — as it comes in contact with the warmer air that surrounds it.

Keep Your Perishables Cool With Herolily Ice Packs For Shipping

There is a reason that gel ice packs have become the most popular ice packs for shipping, that reason being that they are simply better. They are more efficient, they offer more versatile uses, and when they melt that don’t get everything wet.

If you are looking for the best ice packs for shipping, we urge you to check out our online store here at Herolily. Additionally, if you have any questions about our frozen ice packs please don’t hesitate to contact us.