Herolily Presents: The Coldest Human Settlement In The World

Odds are, you have never heard of the city in Siberia that holds the record for coldest human inhabited settlement in the world. Oymyakon, internationally dubbed “the coldest town on earth,” is inhabited by around 500 permanent residents. Most visitors only come to satisfy their curiosity of what the coldest town in on earth really feels like.

Here at Herolily, we love the cold, but being based in Los Angeles, we decide to not take it home with us after work. Instead, we settled for the warm California weather. That being said, we like to think that our ice packs for shipping are pretty cool, even if they don’t compare to the bone-chilling cold of Siberia.

Just How Cold Does It Get?

To get an idea of how cold it can get in Oymyakon, you would likely have to sit in an industrial freezer in a t-shirt and wear a blanket made out of our frozen ice packs. With temperatures averaging around -58 degrees Fahrenheit, our above scenario might not even do the crisp air of Oymyakon justice.

In 1993, Oymyakon broke the world record for coldest temperature in the Northern Hemisphere, a record that we wouldn’t wish on anyone, no matter how much we love keeping things cool with our freezable ice packs. On February 6th, a thermometer malfunctioned because it could no longer keep up with the dropping temperatures. The last temperature recorded just before it broke was the world record: 67 degrees Celcius or 152.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Breaking the world record for the coldest recorded temperature is cool and all, but it seems a little extreme to live in those conditions —  almost “out of this world.” In fact, it is practically out of this world, because the recorded temperature on February 6th was colder than the average temperature of Mars. As much as we love the cold here at Herolily, we wouldn’t want even our commercial ice packs to have to endure that cold.


Interested In Visiting? Be Prepared To Travel

If our brief overview of the bone-chilling temperatures in Oymyakon hasn’t been enough to scare you away from a potential visit, you might want to have a better idea of how you could get there. While it may not take trains, planes, and automobiles to get there, it might be easier if it did. To make the journey to Oymyakon, you must fly to Moscow and then board a connecting flight to one of two cities, Yakutsk or Magada, both still 560 miles away from your intended destination. Then it is time to drive, as a lonely and poorly maintained road is the only way to access “the coldest town on Earth.”

Stay Cool With Herolily Ice Packs for Shipping

While there is no doubt that Oymyakon is one of the coldest places in the world, they don’t really need our help keeping things cold. However, you just might! Our commercial ice packs are the perfect way to keep perishable products cool for longer in any place other than Oymyakon, Siberia. Our industrial ice packs may not be as cold as the streets of Oymyakon, but they can tackle just about any job. Be sure to give them a try! If you have any questions about our ice packs for shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Check out our Herolily frozen ice packs today.