Herolily Presents: Issues With Refrigerated Trucking


Today, instead of just talking about ice packs for shipping, we will be discussing refrigerated trucks and a couple issues that you might encounter when you use them.

A refrigerated truck is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Insulated trucks are meant to cool perishable products during transportation, essentially making it a very large refrigerator on wheels. While these vehicles were on the forefront of innovation in the 1920s when they were introduced to the world, they have since remained rather stagnant in innovation for the last decade, aside from obvious refrigeration upgrades.

While for the last 100 years, refrigerated trucks have ruled the perishable commercial shipping industry, they do still have their issues.

Issues With Commercial Refrigeration Trucks

Refrigerated trucks have been a staple in commercial perishable shipping for more than one hundred years, and there is no doubt that, in the next hundred years, they will likely still be around. While these trucks are an asset to people trying to ship their perishable products within the country, sometimes technology like refrigerated trucks will let you down. Below, we have listed a couple of common problems you might experience with a refrigerated truck.

Driver Fault

While yes, sometimes technology is bound to fail, people can too. Operating a refrigerated truck is a very complex task. Not only does the driver have to manually operate the vehicle, but he or she also has to monitor the systems that are in place to keep the perishable Items from defrosting.

While you could potentially lose your commercial shipping products because of the driver’s negligence, you could also lose the shipment as a result of data regulatory system issues on board the vehicle. This is the more understandable of a driver-caused incident, as the driver is primarily focused on driving your product safely to the specified shipping location. Often times, commercial refrigerated trucks experience notification system failures in which the truck doesn’t alert the driver that an issue has occurred, or the driver is too busy driving to check. Here at Herolily, we propose that truck drivers have to take a break and cool down with a cold ice pack to check their truck systems more often.

While human error can be a large factor in the loss of perishable shipments, it is not the only reason that your products may never reach its destination.

Failing Equipment

While human error is avoidable through more extensive training, technological issues are not as easy to overcome. Even with the advanced equipment that refrigerated trucking companies have, equipment will still occasionally fail. When equipment fails, all you can hope for is that the shipping company has a protocol for saving your perishable products, as successfully does so.

While there are both avoidable and unavoidable issues within the commercial refrigerated truck shipping industry, there are safer, more reliable ways to ship your perishable products.

Why Herolily Ice Packs For Shipping Are A Safer Bet

While yes, we said that we wouldn’t be talking about our shipping ice packs today, we thought it might be worthwhile to state that the commercial trucking industry can avoid the two problems we have discussed today  if they use our frozen ice packs.

Frozen ice packs are more reliable than refrigeration units. When you freeze an ice pack, you know how long it will stay frozen. They also don’t randomly turn off, but instead will slowly become less cool. If a refrigerated truck had Herolily ice packs in them, they would be able to keep perishables cool in the event of an equipment malfunction.

Now, we aren’t trying to pick on the refrigerated truck industry, we are just saying, “If you want to keep cold stuff cold when your truck breaks down, use a Herolily shipping ice pack.”

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