Herolily On How To Ship A Perishable Product

Whether you are a parent trying to pack a cold lunch for a day on the hot beach, or a company trying to ship a perishable product across the country, you know the struggles of trying to keep your items cold. There are an incredible amount of things that can go wrong in the transportation process that can result in the spoiling of your beach sandwich or the devaluation or destruction of your shipping product.

Luckily, there are things that you can do and products that you can use (cough, cough) to minimize the risk of your perishable good… perishing. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss a couple of ways that we think could minimize the risk you your items in shipping.

Ice Packs For Shipping

Okay, you had to have seen this coming, of course one of the things we are going to talk about happens to be our product. Ice packs for shipping are arguably one of the best solutions for preserving your perishable shipment because of how consistent they are. With shipping ice packs you know the amount of time it will last, and logistically you should know how long it will take to reach the destination.

Ice packs for shipping like our Herolily 2 PLY and Herolily 4 PLY can be frozen down to -190 degrees celsius keeping your frozen products cooler, for longer, saving your bottom line of getting your product to where you need to get it.

Dry Ice

While we obviously think that using ice packs for shipping is the best method, it would be biased of us to not inform you of other perishable shipping methods, no matter how inferior they are. Dry ice is a viable option for shipping perishable goods, but it cannot be used to ship goods that you simply want to keep cool, as it will freeze the product. Dry ice, while variable, is extremely efficient at cooling things. One of the only downsides is that in order to ship dry ice, your package must be labeled in compliance with the shipping services requirements.

So dry ice may not after all be FDA approved, but hey, it keeps things cold.

Refrigerated Shipping

There are plenty of refrigerated shipping companies out there that you can work with to get your perishable product from point a to point b, and they can do so using trucks, vans and planes. The mode of transportation that they use may depend on the amount of product you need shipped, as well as the timeline that you have for moving your product.

The only downside of using refrigerated shipping is the cost, and that makes sense, as you are paying somebody extra to keep your product cold.

Not All Ice Packs Are Right For Shipping, But Herolily Is

Keeping your perishable product from going bad is hands down the most important part of the selling process, because you can make all the sales in the world but it won’t mean a thing if you have to refund the customer. Using the Herolily shipping ice packs is hands down the best way to keep your perishable product cold, so check out our industrial ice packs on our site today.

And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Herolily commercial ice packs.