Six Interesting Facts About Ice From Our Commercial Ice Pack Company

At HeroLily, we love all things involving ice. Our commercial ice packs keep perishables such as medical supplies and food colder for longer periods of time. However, without the harvesting of ice, our ice packs probably would have never existed. Would you like to learn more about ice? Here are some fun facts about ice:

Icebergs and Glaciers Can Appear Colorful

When you picture glaciers in your mind, you probably think they’re white. However, glaciers and ice can appear to be a bluish-green color. When snow builds up on an iceberg, the air bubbles inside the snow compress. This causes more light to penetrate the ice than is reflected by ice crystals. The blue and green wavelengths of color reflect off the ice, which is why some glaciers appear blue-green in color.

The Majority of Our Planet’s Water Is Stored in Glaciers

Although global warming is still hotly debated amongst politicians, over two-thirds of the world’s fresh water is stored in glaciers. As glaciers continue to melt, the quality and supply of water is negatively impacted. Some areas such as the Andean region of South America are feeling the effects.

Ice Volcanoes

Although ice volcanoes don’t exist on earth, they do exist on one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus. Here you will find cryovolcanoes, which erupts in ice instead of magma. When ice deep below the surface of the moon heats up, it transforms into vapor, which expels as ice particles.

Frozen Mummies

One of the most well-preserved mummies in the world is “La Doncella,” an ancient Incan woman who was sacrificed alongside two younger children on the summit of an Argentinean volcano. Due to the high elevation of the volcano, her body quickly froze and remains well-preserved over 500 years later today.

So Many Names For Ice

As you may already know, the Inupiaq of Alaska have 100 different names for ice. With such extreme weather conditions, these people require a detailed knowledge of ice in order to survive.

However, it’s not just the Inupiat who have several different names for ice. Sea ice takes a variety of different forms, each with its own unique classification. Some of these names include brash, nilas, pancake ice and more.

Ice Storms

Have you ever witnessed an ice storm? When everything outside is covered in ice, the environment looks magical. However, ice storms are quite dangerous and can wreak havoc on towns and cities, causing injuries, power outages and downright scary driving conditions.

How do ice storms occur in the first place? When snow enters a warm layer in the atmosphere, it melts into rain. When the raindrops pass through a colder layer of air, they won’t refreeze before they hit the cold surface of the environment. Immediately after falling on the ground, the rain refreezes into a thick layer of ice.

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