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Herolily ice pack should be frozen for at least 24 hours, with the freezer set at the coldest setting. For best results leave Herolily ice pack in the freezer 2-3 days, as it is drops 5 degrees per day until it reaches your freezer temperature (Unlike regular gel packs that generally only reach minus 1 degree).

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Place hydrated sheet in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or wrapped in a towel in hot water.

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Check to make sure sheet is not too hot before placing on body. Remove from your body if it feels too hot. Use a towel between your body and Herolily ice pack for soothing relief.

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Herolily ice pack can be placed in an agitator type washing machine with some clean towels on a regular wash cycle without the spin cycle. Please ensure washing machine is clean and free from soap residue and please ensure the temperature of the water is Warm

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Cooler Bag & Small Ice boxes under 20L – Up to 3 sheets
Medium Icebox (45 Litre) – 6 sheets

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Use 1 sheet of Herolily ice pack per 7 litres of icebox capacity or place block ice on the bottom of the ice box and create a blanket of Herolily ice pack sheets by placing them around the walls and have a layer of Herolily ice pack below the lid.

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