Ice Packs For Shipping: How To Safely Ship Your Seafood

Picture this. You just took a week off of work to go on a fishing trip in the Florida Keys. This is a big deal being that you are no longer a college student, meaning if you take a trip, you have to use your valuable paid time off. You get out on the boat and begin to have a great day of fishing. You catch two Redfish, a Mackerel, and a Red Snapper, and you dad catches two Terrapin and a Mutton Snapper. Pretty hefty haul off huh? There is just one problem, you live in Minnesota and cannot take raw fish on the plane (for understandable reasons). So how do you get your catch home safely for a family fish fry?

At Herolily, we know a thing or two about shipping perishables, so trust us when we say that an insulated container and some Herolily ice packs for shipping should be more than enough to do the trick. In today’s blog post we will be discussing how to properly, and safely, ship seafood across the country.

Find The Right Cold Pack

Luckily, we have already made this part quite easy for you. Herolily ice packs for shipping are a reusable frozen ice pack that can keep your seafood cold for days if they are packaged properly. Ice packs for food are not meant to keep food cool alone though and must be accompanied by the correct packing materials to ensure that your perishable products remain safe.

Find A Good Insulator

Something that is almost important as the freezable ice packs that are to keep your food cold is the packaging that you will be shipping the perishable in — because no matter how efficient the ice packs for shipping are, they would be no match for an uninsulated journey. Among the most common insulated packing materials for seafood is the styrofoam cooler. Styrofoam coolers can be placed inside of a box for shipping and can help its contents at temperature for as long as the coolant source stays cold. When shopping for an insulator, be sure to keep in mind the R-value, the metric that dictates the power of insulation that the product has.  

Get The Amount Of Coolant Right

When we speak of coolant, we are referring to whatever your preferred source of cooling is. Obviously, we hope that you are utilizing the efficiency of our ice packs for shipping, but regardless, the same applies to all types of coolant. If you use too much coolant, you risk of freezing the product, or half of the product, meaning that the quality of the seafood will be affected before you pick it up at the Minneapolis-St. Paul baggage claim or post office. Additionally, if you use too little coolant, your perishables will… perish.

You Caught The Fish, Let Herolily Get It Home Safe

You spent your hard-earned PTO days on a trip to Florida, and you did well on the water. Just because you worked hard to take a vacation, and to catch the fish, doesn’t mean that you should have to work hard to get your perishables home. Herolily ice packs for shipping and freezable ice packs are the only tool you need to rest easy knowing that your perishables are safe.

If you have any questions about our shipping ice packs, be sure to contact us today!