Herolily 2 PLY

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Standard 2 Ply 24 Cube Ice Packs

Stays colder and lasts longer than traditional ice packs!

    • Doesn`t turn back to water: no more soggy food!
    • Perfect for transporting perishables such as food, pathology samples, and more
    • The most cost effective ice replacement product on the market today
    • Can keep a cooler cold for DAYS! (when properly frozen)


Used as both heat packs and cold ice packs, the Hero Lily 2 Ply 24 Cube Packs can be cut into smaller cubes. Using a truly revolutionary polymer technology, these wholesale ice packs can be frozen down to -190 degrees Celsius, which is twice as cold as dry ice. Unlike dry ice, our shipping ice packs are approved by the FDA and certified as non-toxic. Used for one-way transportation of perishables including food, vaccines, pathology samples, and more, these frozen ice packs keep your items cold without the mess of melting ice. When the freezer is adjusted to its maximum setting, these refreezable ice packs can be frozen between -18 degrees Celsius and -21 degrees Celsius.

Herolily Ice Instructions:

  1. To hydrate your Herolily Ice, run under water for two to four minutes.
  2. Keep Herolily Ice fully immersed whilst hydrating the cells as water enters from both sides to activate the polymer.
  3. Scrunch the sheets between your hands while the pack is fully immersed in warm water until the air bubbles have escaped and cells have commenced hydration. Your Herolily Ice is ready to use. The Herolily ice sheets should start frozen and a gradual cold transfer will take place, which slowly transfers the cold energy from Herolily Ice into perishables and drinks, etc. which will eventually leave the Herolily Ice cells in the softer state and perishables and drinks icy cold for a long period of time. You will note that the Herolily Ice cells still retain a significant chill-factor even in their eventual softer state.

3 reviews for Herolily 2 PLY

  1. studiorui

    I have used them in the past. They last a long time. They can be wetted over and over for reuse. They stay cold a very long time and keep items very cold. We love them

  2. studiorui

    Weighs less, lasts longer, keeps things colder…just what I needed. I like it so much I am going to order more.

  3. studiorui

    To keep things cold without it being watered down when ice cubes eventually melt and making it all messy inside.

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